When our teeth come through, some of them are smooth whilst others, like our back molars, have pits and fissures on their surfaces. These irregularities are very difficult to clean, especially for our children, as food and bacteria become deeply embedded in the grooves, causing decay to develop and cavities to form.

 So, what can be done to stop the teeth from decaying?

Just like a timber decking needs waterproof sealing to stop water getting into the wood grains and rotting the timber, our teeth need fissure sealants to help block the pits and grooves to prevent decay.

Fissure sealants are clear hard coatings that are placed easily and comfortably. If they are lost or chipped, they can easily be repaired. Regular dental visits can help ensure they are still in good condition.

Studies have shown that sealants have reduced the risk of decay in molars, highlighting its huge impact on our children’s oral health. Whilst adults can also benefit from sealants, the earlier you get them the better.

The first molars come through around 6 years old, and second molars appear around 12 years of age. Sealing the teeth as soon as they are through helps keep them healthy from an early stage – prevention is key!

If you are wondering if fissure sealants are a suitable option for you and your family, speak to one of our dentists or oral health therapist at Melville Dental Care.

By Lily (Senior Clinical Nurse)