At Melville Dental Care, we have 2 options of teeth whitening.

1. Take Home Whitening

  • Clear trays moulded and adapted specifically to your teeth with at-home application of whitening gel.
  • A milder concentration of whitening gel compared to In Chair Teeth Whitening – well suited to those with sensitive teeth.

2. In Chair Teeth Whitening (ZOOM Philips)

  • In Chair Teeth Whitening with ZOOM Philips latest technology – 1 hr 15min treatment of set spectrum light-activation with premium whitening gel at your control of low/medium/high intensities adjusted at 15min intervals.
  • Includes polish and buff – perfect for those who don’t have the time or the habit to wear take home whitening trays.
  • A faster and more effective way to whiten your teeth with the latest innovations.