When a tooth is missing, it really is a missing piece of the puzzle. It’s like knocking a brick out of a wall – at first nothing happens, but soon external forces, gravity included, will cause the wall to tumble.

Same with teeth! The teeth on either side of the gap will collapse inwards and the opposing teeth will start to move.

This causes difficulty in cleaning your teeth (leading to cavities and gum disease), difficulty eating (especially chewy foods) and if you can see the gap – it doesn’t look great!

The longer you ponder about replacing teeth, the consequences becomes more severe – bone that previously supported your missing tooth shrinks over time! Think of it as erosion of the soil when a plant or tree is removed – it will be difficult to have anything planted in that area in the future.

So, how do we replace the gap?

False teeth can look natural – they can even look more beautiful than ever!

Implants are the gold standard for replacing teeth – they hold the bone at its level so it doesn’t shrink further.

Bridges and Dentures don’t do that – however they do provide additional benefits by preventing the consequences listed above.

Not every option is suitable for everyone and you need to seek specific advice for your dental health.

There are ways to stop us from losing teeth! Read our blog here on deep cleans.

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