How We Care For You

Our Dental Philosophy
There are so many benefits to having great dental and oral health and we’d like to help you achieve this goal. When your teeth, gums and mouth as a whole are in excellent condition you will be free of dental and gum disease, your teeth will feel and look good and you will feel so much better!  It’s our privilege to help you by providing quality dental treatment, advice and the knowledge for you to ensure your teeth and restorations last as long as possible. Our goal is to prevent disease and maintain excellent dental health – we want you to be free of decay, disease, pain or infection.

Providing Dental Treatment
We understand that in the past, dental treatment for many people was a less than pleasant experience. We pride ourselves on making sure that your visit to us is as comfortable as possible. 

  • We apply a very effective ‘numbing cream’ prior to any local anaesthetic  
  • Communication between you and the dental team is important – we want you to let us know if you are ever uncomfortable because there is plenty we can do to make you feel more at ease. 
  • We know that there are other places you may rather be! So we can tailor your treatment appointments to suit your time constraints.  Most people find that they can complete their treatment in fewer appointments by doing as much as possible in longer appointments.

A smile that lasts a mile

On Going Care
Once treatment is complete, we all want it to last as long as possible. The most effective and value for money approach to maintaining great dental health is with an ongoing maintenance program. Each individual will be assessed according to their needs but most patients will benefit from a six monthly cleaning to maintain good gum health and examination to review treatment completed and look for any new concerns.