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Whitening has become a very popular option as a brighter and lighter smile becomes easy to achieve with at-home whitening. 

  • Whitening creates a wonderful ‘lift’ to the smile by whitening natural teeth using a mild bleaching agent known as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.  The procedure is safe and causes no damage to the structure of teeth.
  • The long-term results are generally very good. Dramatic results are often seen in those with yellow teeth.  Results can be seen in as little as a few days in some cases. 
  • The whitening trays are worn for 45 to 60 minutes daily for about two weeks or until the desired colour is achieved.  You can also purchase additional whitening gel from our practice at any stage.

It is reassuring to know that you are in control of the colour you wish to achieve - simply stop when you are satisfied. The results can last for years for some people where others may need a touch up after 6 months or more. 

There are some situations where this type of treatment is not appropriate.  Discuss your alternative treatment options with the dentist if these apply to you.


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