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Dental Hygiene

Dental HygieneEstablishing and maintaining good gum and bone health is essential prior to commencing any dental work you are considering.

Removing the build up of plaque and tartar improves the health of the gums and bone while effective home care helps to maintain the new level of health.

 The ongoing health of the gums and bone are vital to longterm success of any dental work you have completed.  The build up of plaque and tartar can lead to periodontal (gum  and bone) disease, the leading cause of tooth-loss in adults.  Plaque bacteria can also form decay around new restorations and crowns causing them to fail.

Most clients will have a 60 minute visit for cleaning (removal of plaque and tartar) with Dr Thai at their second appointment after the initial examination. One or more visits may be recommended if the build up is heavy or there is evidence of periodontal disease. 

Part of this service includes:

Assessment of the health of your gums and bone including charting to determine the site and extent of gum disease and bone loss.

  • Removal of plaque and calculus and scaling and root planing to remove plaque and calculus on teeth surfaces below the gum line
  • Polishing and removal of surface stains from teeth, polishing existing restorations
  • Application of clinical strength fluoride and desensitising agents
  • Dental health education for optimal home care and prescription of home care aids such as specialty brushes, flosses or rinses
  • Dietary counselling and analysis

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