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Crowns and Bridges

A crown is a custom made hollow shell or ‘cap’ used to completely cover a tooth.  They can be made from gold, porcelain fused to a metal base or full porcelain.
Crowns are used for many purposes, most commonly to protect a weakened tooth from breaking.  A crown can be used to restore the shape and size of the tooth as well as restore the colour to match other teeth.
Crowns are only used when a regular filling material is no longer suitable, such as


  • After root canal treatment when the tooth becomes weakened and prone to breaking or cracking
  • When a piece  has broken off a heavily filled tooth
  • When a large part of the tooth is missing from decay
  • When a tooth has been severely broken in an accident – such as on a front tooth



A bridge is a fixed restoration used to replace a missing tooth or fill in a gap.  It is usually cemented or bonded into place.  As there are a few types of bridges, your Dentist will recommend the best type for your situation.  
The most common bridge is made up of a false tooth (pontic) that is attached to crowns (abutments) on either side.  This involves the teeth on either side of the gap being specially trimmed and have crowns cemented onto them.  This type of bridge is usually made of porcelain fused to metal.  The benefits of this type of bridge is that the porcelain can be matched your teeth so it looks and feels more natural. 
Crown and Bridge treatment involves two visits about two weeks apart.  Our local Crown Technician makes your Crown/Bridge from models taken of your teeth at the first appointment.

You can expect a Crown or Bridge to last 20 years or more.  New decay and gum problems can undermine them so effective home care and regular dental examinations and cleaning are essential.

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