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Bruxism and Night Guards

A nightguard is basically a small, specialised mouth guard worn while sleeping that keeps the teeth apart and the jaw in a relaxed position.  It helps to prevent damage to teeth caused by the pressure of bruxing (grinding and clenching).  Regular use of a nightguard is the only effective way to protect the teeth and if fitted and adjusted accurately, they are quite comfortable to wear.
Although most of us are unaware of it occurring in our mouth, studies show that almost everyone grinds to some degree and up to 50% of the population has signs of significant wear on their teeth.  

Daytime bruxing is usually only mild and controlled in nature, but nocturnal grinding is very damaging and causes a number of serious problems.  An ever increasing proportion of dental treatment on adults is aimed at repairing the damage caused by bruxism.  

Untreated heavy bruxers can expect a lifetime of problems with their teeth and possibly even premature tooth loss.

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