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New Patients

Welcome to Melville Dental Care

We are so pleased that you’ve chosen our team to take care of your dental health!  We are here to offer you a unique service – we will take care of you, your family and friends in a genuinely caring and friendly atmosphere.  We welcome people of all ages to our practice.

We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about us and about how we look after our patients.  Please take the time to read the information below and, as always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.



Your Dental and Oral Health

There are so many benefits to having great dental and oral health and we’d like to help you achieve this goal.  When your teeth, gums and mouth as a whole is in excellent condition you will be free of dental and gum disease, your teeth will feel and look good and you will feel so much better! 

It’s our privilege to help you by providing quality dental treatment, advice and the knowledge for you to ensure your teeth and restorations last as long as possible.  Our goal is to prevent disease and maintain excellent dental health – we want you to be free of decay, disease, pain or infection.

We also understand many people would like their smile to be as bright and great-looking as possible so we can help you with this too.  It’s often simple to improve the colour of natural teeth with home whitening and improve the look of your teeth by replacing metal and discoloured fillings with new tooth-coloured restorations. 



Your First Appointment with Dr Thai

This will be your first step towards great dental health. We begin with a one hour full examination and assessment of your dental and oral health.  The examination includes assessing the health and function of your teeth, gums and bone, soft tissues, jaw joints and your bite as well as reassessing your existing restorations.  This may also involve radiographs to check for hidden problems such as decay, cracks and infection.  If you are interested in a ‘smile assessment’ we can assess the appearance and colour of your teeth too.

Collecting all of this information is part of any initial examination and it allows us to gain a very good understanding of your present situation and plan your care.  We show you areas of concern, discuss possible treatment options and costs involved.  It means that you are fully aware of the   treatment that is recommended, the
costs involved and any treatment alternatives available to you. 


The Next Step:  Establishing Gum Health

The next step to good oral health involves establishing a good foundation for any dental work you are considering.  The ongoing health of the gums and bone are vital to longterm success of any dental work you have completed.  The build up of plaque and tartar can lead to gum disease, the leading cause of tooth-loss in adults. 

Most clients will have a 60 minute visit for cleaning (removal of plaque and tartar) at their next appointment or on the same day as the examination if this is what you have organised.  Two or more visits may be recommended if the build up is heavy or there is evidence of periodontal ( gum and bone) disease.  Please take a look at our Gum Health information sheet for more details.


Your Treatment Plan

As soon as your gums are in good condition, we can begin dental treatment under optimal conditions.  Your Treatment Plan is formulated to maintain or return you to 100% health, function and aesthetics.  We prioritise the treatment and getting you out of pain and disease free is the initial goal.  We then move onto other general treatment, cosmetic concerns and more complex treatments. 

Your treatment plan is flexible in terms of what you would like to have done and when – we will work with you and according to your time schedule and finances.  In many instances we can move quickly through the plan, completing treatment in fewer visits or if more suitable, spread out treatment over many months or even years for complex treatment.

All the information you need to make informed decisions about your treatment and care, including costs,  will be given to you after your examination with your treatment plan and fee estimate.  Dr Thai, Lily and Renata are available to answer any queries or explain treatment further in person, on the phone or via email.



Ongoing Care and Maintenance

Ongoing and regular care of gums, teeth and restorations is necessary to ensure that they stay healthy and function properly.  We often see healthy mouths and new fillings deteriorate after initial treatment when left unchecked and home care is not adequately effective. 

To ensure your investment is sound for many years, we highly encourage all our patients to be a part of our Continuing Care program.  For most patients, the Continuing Care program means a six monthly cleaning visit to remove plaque and tartar build up coupled with an examination to check and review teeth and restorations.


Your Information

As part of joining our practice or updating your details, we ask you to complete the following forms. This information also helps us to get to know you better and understand your concerns.  They are available on our website to download and print or we are happy to send them out to you. Please bring them to your vsit to us.

  • Registration and Medical History
  • Dental History
  • Privacy Policy Declaration
  • Consent to Request Records ( from your previous dentist)


Should you choose to have your previous dental records sent to us, please fill in the Consent form and forward it to your previous dentist.  This can be helpful if you have had recent xrays or have had complex work done in the past.  Please note that your previous dentist has up to six weeks to comply with your request.



Why xrays are vital in Dentistry

Many dental conditions such as infection, cracks and decay can be hidden from your dentist’s view.  This is especially so inbetween back teeth, under the bone and gum line and under existing dental restorations.  Frequently, these problems can go unnoticed by you until they cause you pain – at which time treatment is usually more complex and costly in terms of time and not to mention, financially.  In most cases only a set of at least two xrays are required. However, if you have had extensive dental treatment done in the past or are showing signs of decay or infection, multiple xrays are often necessary.

An OPG panoramic  xray is a broad view of all the teeth and bone  including wisdom teeth and the jaw joints.  This xray is useful in the diagnosis and treatment planning for gum problems, wisdom teeth removal, orthodontics and complex dentistry.  Dr Thai will give you a referral at your first visit if it is necessary in your case. Please call the radiology clinic to make an appointment as soon as you’re able.  The xray will be delivered to our office.  Remember to take your Medicare card with you.

We only recommend xrays to check for these problems when we feel it is necessary to aid in diagnosis or critical to the treatment you are undertaking.