melville dental care

               248 Melville Road
Pascoe Vale South 3044
phone 9354 9714




For your convenience, download the forms and information our practice requires at your first appointment to us. Please remember to call if you have any queries on the information required.

New Patient Welcome Letter
As a new or returning patient, it's important for you to know how we provide your dental care. Please read the information
enclosed carefully prior to your first important.

Registration and Medical Information
A thorough medical history and registration of your personal details for our practice. This information is vital in order for us to treat you with consideration for your indivdual needs.

Dental History
Many signs and symptoms of more serious dental conditions can go unnoticed on a daily basis. This dental questionnaire helps
us to determine if there are any concerns to look out for.

Dental Records Request Form
Requesting previous dental records gives the dentist access to xrays, images and records which can help in the examination and diagnosis processes. Simply sign and forward to your previous dentist.

Privacy Declaration Form
As part of the Privacy Act 2001, we must inform all our patients about our privacy policy. Please take the time to read this document and return it to us after you have signed it.